My name is Shashank Agarwal and I’ve been working with Corporate real-estate and Facilities management professionals since 2004 and have been trying to make their life a bit easy through innovative solutions.

With many different things we tend to do in life, investigating the emerging trends and continuous learning is one thing I try and do always.

This is my attempt to formalise my ideas around various solutions which I’ve managed to either implement (with my able colleagues) or the ones which haven’t seen the light of the day.

Disclaimer: I run two Companies in the UK. EdgeKraft provides specialist consulting in CREF and Smarter Buildings area; and MobileKraft where we are working on some cutting edge technologies focused on smart integrations and user interaction apps.  We are constantly looking for smart and able people to join our team. Do get in touch at shashank@edgekraft.co.uk

This blog is not related to IBM as a company or its subsidiaries in any Country. The views expressed here are my own.

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