Over the many years I’ve had interaction with many professionals in the Corporate Real-estate, Facilities Management and Maintenance area. There has been tremendous knowledge exchange in various areas during those years. With each interactions, lot of ideas have floated in my mind and I’m sure many ideas would have come to other people working within this business area.

This is my attempt to deep dive into various areas of the overall IWMS / TRIRIGA solution which are generally not being covered in great detail elsewhere. My objective is to focus on the gaps and emerging areas and also frame the future of the technology in the corporate real-estate and facilities management area.

With that in mind, let me clarify that his blog is not:

  • A full-fledged IWMS business consulting house blog.
  • A full-fledged IWMS / TRIRIGA systems consulting blog.
  • A training guide for all TRIRIGA areas.
  • A deep dive into existing functional areas like Real-estate, Space, etc.

However, this blog is:

  • A place to learn about the emerging trends, solutions and new technologies.
  • A place to understand and deploy technologies bridging the digital and physical world.
  • A place to ask all the hard questions and look for answers regarding overall solution.
  • A place to seek help for deploying emerging technologies.
  • A place to submit your ideas / use cases and get help to bring them to life.

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