CREF Digital Enterprise

Part 6 – Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

So in a pandemic stricken world, I was looking at some things in an old data repository and I see the old material meant for the blog.

I embarked upon writing a six part series blog 6-7 years ago but then life happened. I thought it might be interesting to still post the concept which was developed in 2015 and reflect on the changes which has occurred in the Facilities Management world.

The diagram as mentioned is now quite old and lot much has evolved. New concepts like IoT converged into the Smarter Buildings area and the Buildings are now more connected than ever.

There is a renewed focus on the connectivity with buildings to enable new ways of working for Employees and Building Tenants. BMS integrations are also playing a core role in proactive management or issues, controlling the energy costs through embedded intelligence and many more business models and opportunities have evolved over the many years.

So the concept from 2015 is surely old but the core concepts still remain the same. Around the same time, I was part of a project where we have used OSLC in a First Of A kind (FOAK) concept to connect TRIRIGA in real-time (synchronous) with IBM Integration Bus (ESB) middleware and lot of ideas were bubbling. These concepts also came out of lot of discussions and other projects I was involved during or prior to 2015.

So here it is:

Deep dive into all these sections will take many months, however, I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have through comments.

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